Comprehensive Foodservice Planning, Design, & Consulting

Our team of specialists have the technical resources and breadth of experience to provide a full range of foodservice equipment planning services including 1) feasibility studies; 2) space programming; 3) cost estimates; 4) complete foodservice design and construction documents for new or renovated facilities; and 5) operational analysis.

Standard services include the following important, coordinated design phases. Professional staff examines, plans and executes each phase using only the best interest of the client as a measure of acceptability.

In this phase, Client design conferences with CMA assist in developing the requirements of the foodservice program. We provide preliminary space requirements, small scale layouts, equipment list with utility requirements, and equipment cost estimates for review and approval.

CMA evaluates schematic phase materials with the Client, along with architectural and engineering disciplines (as needed) to integrate foodservice requirements with related aspects of the project. In addition, we coordinate the work with each discipline for a total operating system.

The Client receives revised drawings, budget, and schedule in the Design Development stage, as well as copies of the foodservice equipment cut book with pages of individual items for review and related disciplines’ information.

In this phase, CMA prepares CAD or REVIT working drawings consisting of layout plan, stub-in and connection plan complete with all required electrical, ventilation and mechanical connections, and details and elevations as necessary to illustrate the intent of the Construction Documents. The Client receives typewritten specifications illustrating the drawings’ intent, suitable for bidding the equipment package.

CMA reviews bids with Client and submits recommendations, followed by the assessment and approval of shop drawings and contractor’s submission. In this phase, periodic inspections determine field problems and attendance in the demonstration of equipment complete the process.


Crabtree McGrath Associates is pleased to review your plans for a specific project and show how CMA can contribute to its successful completion. We provide a detailed, written proposal describing which services are included and a suggested fee with terms of payment.

Service Fees

Most Clients select CMA’s complete range of services to insure maximum efficiency of operation and to guarantee full value for their capital investment. However, fees-for-services can be arranged to suit the particular needs of the Client. Some circumstances dictate a selective or partial use of our consulting services to meet specific situations, and we are ready to address those Client needs. In addition to the above standard services, Crabtree McGrath Associates provides special surveys and feasibility studies concerning unique problems and overall systems analysis.

Whether your project is private or public, small or large, your facility needs foodservice planners and consultants with breadth of experience like Crabtree McGrath Associates. We welcome your inquiry.

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